Gooogel and Google Maps

My first post on the blog ‘Gooogel and Google Maps’ is going to shed some light on a marketing niche which I have discovered over the past year that many online marketers are exploiting everyday. The marketing niche I am talking about is the misspelling of popular social networks and keywords, for example the keywords Yotube or Gogle receive millions of hits every month.

Although I am shedding light on this topic in my articles I am not trying to benefit from visitors clicking on advertisements which is what these webmasters do. Domains such as will be purchased and revenue sharing programs will pay the website owner when visitors see an advertisement related to the official Youtube.

I specifically reviewed urls that I researched when searching for mis-types of Google and some interesting results were found. Some sites such as were reported as dangerous by my Norton anti-virus while others such as provided useful information on a town in the north east of England.


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